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Get dependable legal services from the law firm of Daniel C Jackson in Champaign, IL. We have a wealth of experience in handling criminal charges. Our practice of doing systematic investigation combined with strong communication with you helps us prepare the best legal defense for you and your specific case.

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"Mr. Jackson is experienced, highly skilled, extremely competent and always ready to answer my questions. I wanted to be involved in my case and kept aware on what's happening and what we needed to do next. Mr. Jackson always returned my calls and was committed to helping in win my case. He visited me in jail many times during the day and even at night when I didn't see any other attorneys there. He cared about my case. He won for me and got me back home."

"A former prosecutor who can think like a prosecutor so he understands and is ready to defeat what the State tries to do. He's not afraid to go to trial and fight for his clients."

"I was afraid of what was happening, but Mr. Jackson knew what to do. He worked with me and worked hard for me. He got my case handled very quickly and I appreciate what he did."

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At the law office of Daniel C Jackson, we work hard to get the best results for you. If you have further legal concerns, feel free to discuss them with me. Call us at (217) 383-0140 today.

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