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Personal injury law

Full-Service Litigation Support

Hire an experienced litigator and advocate at the law office of Daniel C Jackson in Champaign, IL. We provide full legal protection by using a well-thought out trial strategy. Our techniques often reveal inconsistencies in the police investigation. Any mistakes, misconceptions, and distortions are discovered which are used in your defense.

Reliable and Resourceful

We don't just put ourselves in your shoes, but also in the shoes of the police and prosecutors to fully prepare and defend your case. As part of our process, we get every police report related to your charges, and we review the 911 and dispatch recordings as well. We also go out to the crime scene, interview witnesses, take photographs, and analyze the allegations.

Law Practitioner Dedicated to Your Interests

With a total of 15 years of trial experience in Illinois courts and years of experience as a State prosecutor, I have the knowledge and experience to justify your confidence. I listen carefully to your side of the story and defend you to the fullest extent of the law. Dial (217) 383-0140 to put an experienced attorney in your corner.

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